All this meat and no potatoes?

I sat down last night to write a thoughtful thing about thanksgiving in a pandemic but Nicki Minaj completely derailed my evening with this tweet. She is polarizing and divisive but she is also a very (unintentionally) hilarious character. Her referring to the band as one single, solitary white man is both pretty funny and also, honestly, quite accurate. Justin Vernon, we're now calling you the white man Bon Iver forever (in perpetuity!)

The Wednesday newsletters are meant to be short and I have unfortunately now used up my entire word count on the white man Bon Iver. I’m sorry. To atone, here is a thanksgiving playlist I made just for you. I hope it lifts your mood a little during these bleak times.

Gentle suggestion

If like me, you are resisting the excess capitalism of this holiday, please consider instead redirecting your dollars to your local food bank or any food justice organization in your area. Personally, I am donating to the Okra Project, a collective that brings home-cooked meals to Black trans folks.

Donate to the Okra Project

See you Saturday.