Sometimes it is prayer. Sometimes it is meditation. Sometimes it is art

This newsletter is pro UBI

I’m reading

  • This piece on the coming waves of delayed grief will stay with me for a very long time. "Assume that everyone is struggling with the trauma of living through a year of mass death, faced mostly alone.”

  • Just trust me with this one

  • NYC had a short lived vaccine volunteer program

  • I know academia is a pyramid scheme so I shouldn’t be surprised that Cornel West still doesn’t have tenure at Harvard and yet… Related: His lecture on W.E.B Du Bois blew my mind. Also related: never forget that his beef with Obama started over inauguration tickets.

  • James Baldwin, the college professor

  • Alexander Chee on the film Minari and his family's story is really lovely. Related: A++ profile of the remarkable Youn Yuh-jung.

  • The complicated deification of Dolly Parton. Related: Dolly getting a dose of her own medicine

  • The microwave is the most misunderstood, but secretly amazing cooking appliance.

  • It turns out that having more money makes it easier to find and keep steady employment. Rich people already know this and I wish our government would do something with that information because yet another study shows UBI works incredibly well. How much more evidence do we need?

  • This piece on social supports needing to be tailored towards the reality that kids are human beings is excellent.

  • !! “If you’re a super-wealthy woman in New York? The way we go to Uniqlo — they go to The Row.” Lord, I see what you have done for others…

  • Disgusted by the racist behavior of these donors at my alma mater

  • Hmmm maybe Kelly Loeffler (thankfully not of the Loeffler Randall shoe fortune) should have stuck to sports after all

  • Did not expect to have a hankering for fufu on a cold winter day. Related: on the over-reliance on the stinky lunchbox narrative.

  • BMI is a garbage health indicator but it’s OK to let that garbage work in your favor. I’ve been really struck by everyone’s need to explain how they qualify for the vaccine. I know that we are all stressed about questions of access and privilege and that a lot of people feel guilty about how they’re able to get it so this makes sense. That said it’s also a very American kind of rudeness to 1. ask people to disclose their private health information in casual conversation and 2. for people to feel pressured into doing it. I am of course happy to do so for close family and friends (I have!) but for everyone else a simple, “I qualified based on an underlying medical condition. Thank you for asking.” will do.

Things I bought

New Mary Choi. Very excited to read it this weekend || Intriguing Japanese incense paper || Gorgeous lazy susan || My fave sunscreen. In this house we def wear sunscreen year round || Running gear I actually like || Delicious ice cream || Chic sleepwear

Hang in there

In The Source of Self-Regard: Selected Essays, Speeches, and Meditations, Toni Morrison noted that stillness was an option when dealing with chaos: “Such stillness can appear to be passivity or dumbfoundedness. But sometimes it is prayer. Sometimes it is meditation. Sometimes it is art."

Stillness is (still) the move. See you Wednesday.